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Vision, Mission, and Values

CPL signpost.Vision

Clarington Public Library (CPL) is a cornerstone of the community, partnering with other organizations to enhance cultural, educational and economic well-being. It is an accessible, welcoming, and active connector for social interaction, learning, and dialogue. It is a significant resource in a knowledge and information-based economy. It is an innovative, progressive organization widely recognized and supported in the community.


Clarington Public Library empowers and enriches the lives of all Clarington residents by connecting them to responsive, accessible, high quality services and resources that support an informed citizenry, lifelong learning and love of reading.


  • Accessibility: Ensuring library services are accessible to the community.
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for meeting library service needs of the community in an efficient, effective, socially and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Intellectual Freedom: Facilitating access to all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity.
  • Quality Service: Providing customer-driven service through investments in the development of trained and knowledgeable staff, current technologies, and relevant, current resources.
  • Responsiveness: Being adaptable and flexible to changes in the community and changes in approaches to the delivery of library services.
  • Teamwork and Partnerships: Working collaboratively internally as well as externally with the community at large to maximize community resources and benefits.

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