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STEAM Activities

Programs and challenges to boost your STEAM-related skills (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)

pumpkin volcano experiment.

Clarington STEAMs

Discover an awesome STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activity with our staff!
(Please note that all links will take you to YouTube)

  • Earth Day Pinwheel (new!): Make your own pinwheel and learn about wind!
  • Bouncy Bubbles (new!): Blow bubbles that you can bounce and learn why this fun trick works!
  • Easter Egg Hunt (new!): Follow the trail of chocolate eggs, explore the library, and learn some interesting facts about rabbits!
  • Easter Egg Dyeing (new!): Learn three methods for dyeing your own Easter eggs!
  • Balloon vs Lemon: Lemons, balloons, and chemistry, oh my!
  • Binary Bracelets: This introduction to binary code is fun, pretty, and makes a great Valentine's Day gift for family members or yourself!
  • Build a Winch: Learn what a winch is, what it's used for, and how to build one of your very own! You can make one with materials you'll find around your house.
  • Elephant Toothpaste: Don't brush your teeth with elephant toothpaste! Today's activity is pretty messy and requires adult supervision.
  • Fibonacci Art Project: Discover mathematical beauty. The Fibonacci sequence is found naturally in plants and animals. Great artists use it in their artwork and so can you!
  • Fingerprinting: Learn the answers to the questions: do twins have the same fingerprint? And who stole the Twizzlers?!
  • Jumping Ghosts: Discover the science of static electricity, and make different types of ghosts float and jump!
  • Leaves Absorption: Discover the science of absorption! What do you think will happen when paper leaves and water meet?
  • Math Magic Trick: Amaze friends and grown-ups with this cool magic trick using math!
  • Melty Crayon Art: Learn how to turn broken crayons into beautiful art!
  • Paper and Water Magic: This week's activities look like magic, but what you see is actually science!
  • Polar Bear Challenge: Learn how polar bears keep warm and dry in the winter! You can find the materials you will need for this activity around your home.
  • Pumpkin Volcano: Discover chemical reactions where science, art, and math all meet, and see if you can make a pumpkin foam.
  • Secret Messages: Write secret spy messages to your friends! Learn how you can create invisible ink using baking soda or white crayons!
  • Archimedes Screw: Build a magical cereal mover and imagine all the ways big and small this invention helps us transport things today!
  • Arm Knitting: Using one ball of yarn and just your hands, arm knit this wonderful scarf with Clarington Public Library staff!
  • Barometers: Learn how to predict the weather with these DIY barometers!
  • Coffee Filter Butterflies: Make a beautiful tie-dyed butterfly craft with a coffee filter, water, and other supplies you can find at home!
  • Colour Monsters: Create, mix, and explore with colours for this Colour Monster STEAM Challenge!
  • Cup Tower Builders: Summon your speed and building prowess to construct the tallest tower! How fast can you build it? Take the Cup Tower Challenge and find out!
  • DIY Birdfeeder: Spring is here! Discover the birds in your backyard by making your own birdfeeder.
  • DIY Kites: Let’s go fly a kite! Make your own kite using craft supplies and imagination!
  • Foaming Volcano: It’s a rainbow volcano of foam! Check out this fun new twist on a common kitchen chemical reaction, and try your own rainbow volcano of foam at home (with permission of course...this could get messy)!
  • Ice Age: Recreate the Ice Age at home, and chill out while you try and free the frozen toys!
  • Kitchen Science: What happens when you add milk, soap, and food colouring? Tie-dyed milk, of course!
  • Lava Lamp Experiment: With a few household products, let out your inner chemist and explore density with this super cool Lava Lamp STEAM Challenge!
  • Magnetic Rockets: Fly a rocket through outer space – without even touching it! It’s almost like magic – but instead it’s science!
  • Make Your Own Fossils: Calling all paleontologists! Create and dig up your very own fossils for this science STEAM challenge.
  • Making Butter: Explore liquids and solids with this tried and true recipe for butter!
  • Oobleck: Icky, sticky, ooey, gooey! Get messy, create oobleck, and explore this fun liquid! Or should we say solid? Find out by taking the STEAM Challlenge!
  • Paint a Rainbow: Explore colour mixing with this cute rainbow craft!
  • Paper Bridges: Can you build a paper bridge that will hold the weight of a coin? How about a toy car? Test your building skills in this STEAM Challenge!
  • Plants from Food Scraps: Grow your own mini-garden from things that would end up in the green bin!
  • Play-Doh Builders: Build a masterpiece with Play-Doh! Draw your plan, grab the popsicle sticks, and see how large a structure you can create!
  • Play-Doh Marble Run: Have fun with gravity! Build a marble run with Play-Doh and various other crafting supplies!
  • Rubber Eggs: This easy experiment demonstrates how big a change can occur when simple chemical reactions are applied!
  • Sink or Float? Employ the scientific method and learn how to complete an experiment from start to finish with a simple question: will it sink, or will it float?
  • Stained Glass Painting: Create beautiful stained-glass art right at home!
  • Tessellation: What is a tessellation? It's a pattern created by arranging shapes so there are no gaps! Slide, turn, and flip shapes to make beautiful patterns!
  • Trivia and Jokes: Test your knowledge and tickle your funny bone with fun STEAM trivia and jokes!
  • Lego STEAM Challenges:
    • LEGO Blueprints: Plan a blueprint and build it just like an architect using LEGO and paint!
    • LEGO Boat Builders Challenge: Can you make a LEGO boat that floats? Take the LEGO Boat Builders Challenge!
    • LEGO Bridge Builders: Put on your engineering hat and build your own LEGO Bridge to help your LEGO character get safetly to other side!
    • LEGO Displacement Challenge: Put your mind to the test with just LEGO and water to discover what displacement is all about!
    • LEGO Parachuting Fun: Discover what makes a good parachute with the aid of a LEGO figure! Will different materials or shapes make a difference?
    • LEGO Zipline: Choose your bravest LEGO character and take the LEGO Zipline challenge! How far will your hero go?

TD Summer Reading Club: STEAM Activities

(Please note that all links will take you to YouTube)


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Other Challenges

Craft activities and other ways to stretch your mind

Haunted ghosts craft.

Clarington Crafts

Go on a creative adventure and make some crafty masterpieces with our staff!
(Please note that all links will take you to YouTube)

  • Mother's Day Dandelion Card (new!): Make a special and personalized "dandelion" craft for a beautiful Mother's Day card!
  • Easter Sock Bunny (new!): Make your own Easter bunny with socks, rice, and a few more things you already have at home!
  • St. Patrick's Day (new!): For Saint Patrick's Day this year, create your own pot of gold! Then, go on a leprechaun hunt!
  • Lovebugs: For Valentine's Day this year, create your own lovebug with craft supplies you have at home. Make your lovebug unique, just like you!
  • 3D Snowflakes: Learn how to craft a larger-than-life 3D snowflake! Try with different colours and see what wintery beauty you can create!
  • Dog Toy: Bow wow! Craft a toy for your furry friend with loose scraps of fabric!
  • Field of Poppies Art: Create a field of poppies in this special craft to commemorate Remembrance Day.
  • Halloween Haunted Ghosts: Learn how to make a spooky ghost craft with tissue paper and paper plates!
  • Magic Trick, Follow the Queen: Discover a crafty magic trick, Follow the Queen!
  • Paper Beads: Create a fun and colourful jewellery with craft supplies at home!


Trapped in a Painting

Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Room: Trapped in a Painting!

You wake from your dream with a start and the dread comes back; your best friend Max went missing after visiting the local museum a few days ago. He had mentioned there was a new exhibit of paintings brought in from the 1800's and he was very excited to see them. When he asked you to go with him you told him you couldn't. Now you feel awful maybe you could have prevented his disappearance!

Do you have what it takes to track down your missing friend, and solve the mystery of the mysterious paintings in the museum?

Virtual Escape Room: Escape Wonderland

You find yourself standing in a library…

Wait. A library? How did you get here? Is the library even open right now? It sure doesn’t seem like it, since there doesn’t seem to be anyone else here. Before you can contemplate your situation further, you spot something! Is that…a rabbit? It is, a white rabbit! Holding a…pocket watch?

Before you can move, the rabbit spots you, drops his pocket watch and runs off down between the shelves!

What do you do?

Escape boredom and adventure through Wonderland with Clarington Public Library's digital escape room! Solve puzzles and riddles, and discover what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Can you make your way home, or are you stuck in Wonderland? Each choice you make is a new path!

Virtual Escape Room: On Your Own

Escape through your screen with a digital escape room just for TD Summer Reading Club members! Enter your name, choose your character, and you're off on an adventure! Players beware! Here, there be dragons...


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Adult Learning

Learn a new skill or hobby and boost your knowledge