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STEAM Challenges

Discover an awesome STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activity with our staff!
(Please note that all links will take you to YouTube)

  • Teen Steam
    • Ice Cream Making: Discover how to make a tasty treat in our next TEEN STEAM video! Join Carrie and Amy as they start the summer off experimenting with making quick, homemade ice cream!
    • Teleidoscope: Light and geometric optics are explored in our next TEEN STEAM video. This DIY idea can be used by knitting groups as well. Find your next set of perfect colors using a Teleidoscope!
    • Terrarium: Join Aiden as she builds a self-watering terrarium while learning about the water cycle, the green house effect, and greenhouses.
    • Electricity: Can you turn a person into a type of Leyden Jar or electric storage unit? Find out with Amy as she attempts a shocking experiment created in the 1700s.
    • Cold Packs: Join Amy as she talks about Freezing Point Depression and the molecular stability of water while making DIY cold packs!
  • Tessellations: Using the A and M in STEAM, learn about geometric shapes and create regular and semi regular tessellations with Amy. Be sure to download the PDF printable!
  • Division String Art: Put your art and math skills to work! Emma's here to show you how, and to teach you a little about division along the way.
  • Rubber Egg: Elora uses the power of science to make an ordinary egg bouncy!
  • Valentine's Day Geoboard: Learn all about geometry and make some awesome Valentine's Day art with Elora!
  • Pendulum Painting: Learn about physics and make art at the same time. Get ready, it's going to get messy!
  • March Break 2022
    • Engineering Molecules: Join Hailey as she uses Science, Engineering, and Art to show you how to sculpt together molecules from the Periodic Table, only 3 materials needed!
    • Seeds: Go green with your Library and learn how to plant your very own seeds in a March Break STEAM activity for the whole family! Indoors, outdoors, big or small, we’ll give you tips and tricks to start your garden!
    • Origami Bookmark: Join Laurel as we explore the "A" in STEAM with a fun and functional origami bookmark! Also be sure to download the PDF instructions!
    • Parachute: Our next edition of March Break - A Week of STEAM, we are building parachutes. Don't forget to watch our first video of the week to create some playdough, which will help you test out some hypotheses about Gravity.
    • Play Dough: Jen shows you how to make your own play dough, and has the inside scoop on how it all stays together.
  • Arm Knitting: Using one ball of yarn and just your hands, arm knit this wonderful scarf with Clarington Public Library staff!
  • Elephant Toothpaste: Don't brush your teeth with elephant toothpaste! Today's activity is pretty messy and requires adult supervision.
  • Fibonacci Art Project: Discover mathematical beauty. The Fibonacci sequence is found naturally in plants and animals. Great artists use it in their artwork and so can you!

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Fun & Games

  • I Spy Challenge: Join Mackenzie in this live I SPY game. Look closely to see if you can find the secret word.


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Craft Activities

Go on a creative adventure and make some crafty masterpieces with our staff!
(Please note that all links will take you to YouTube)

  • March Break 2022: Penguin Pond: Gather the family together for this fun craft with A Gift of Art!  Get creative and craft an adorable penguin pond using materials from around the home!
  • Halloween Tube Monsters: Get ready for Halloween with this spooky craft. Join Mackenzie as she makes some fun creatures to decorate your house!
  • Thanksgiving Turkey: We'll be making a colourful turkey that will help us remember all the things we're thankful for.
  • Easter Sock Bunny: Make your own Easter bunny with socks, rice, and a few more things you already have at home!
  • Father's Day Card: Tell your loved one they're the "coolest" with this fun Father's Day card craft!
  • Mother's Day Dandelion Card: Make a special and personalized "dandelion" craft for a beatiful Mother's Day card!
  • St. Patrick's Day: For Saint Patrick's Day this year, create your own pot of gold! Then, go on a leprechaun hunt!


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Virtual Quests and Escape Rooms

Test your knowledge and decision making with virtual quests and escape rooms!
(Please note that some links will take you to Google Forms)

  • Virtual Escape Room: Trapped in a Painting! Do you have what it takes to track down your missing friend, and solve the mystery of the mysterious paintings in the museum?
  • Virtual Escape Room: Escape Wonderland: Escape boredom and adventure through Wonderland with Clarington Public Library's digital escape room! Solve puzzles and riddles, and discover what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Can you make your way home, or are you stuck in Wonderland? Each choice you make is a new path!
  • Virtual Escape Room: On Your Own: Escape through your screen with a digital escape room just for TD Summer Reading Club members! Enter your name, choose your character, and you're off on an adventure! Players beware! Here, there be dragons...


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National Indigenous History Month

Durham Indigenous Voices Discussion Series

Every June, Canadians celebrate National Indigenous History Month, which is an opportunity to honour the heritage, contributions, and cultures of First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities across Canada. 

The Durham libraries, Durham College, Ontario Tech University, DCSI, OTSU, and the Region of Durham, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise, are launching a collaborative four-part panel discussion series with Indigenous peoples and First Nations from the Durham Region. Reconciliation, Resilience, Resistance, and Resurgence will focus on actions that support and amplify Indigenous Voices in our community as we move forward with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls-to-Action.

Join the discussion and learn how to become an ally to speak out against Anti-Indigenous Racism.

(Please note that all links will take you to YouTube)