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disc with headphones.Vision Enhancements

Clarington Public Library provides access to material in a variety of formats which are suited to accommodate those who may have a perceptual disability. Please contact a staff member if you require assistance locating material.

  • Books on CD
  • Audiobooks through OverDrive
  • eBooks through OverDrive (settings can be adjusted with the majority of our downloadable e-books to suit personal preferences for text size and typeface).
  • Large Print books
  • Browse Aloud is a screen reader software loaded on all Clarington Public Library computers

Hearing Enhancements

Many DVDs in our collection have the sub-title option. Many of the databases we subscribe to offer text to speech capability, including Gale Infotrac, Early World of Learning, and TumbleBooks.

Website Features

Clarington Public Library’s website has many features that make it accessible.

  • It is not reliant on fixed fonts - patrons may zoom in and out to view the site to a size comfortable for their viewing
  • Text descriptions are available for all of the images used to facilitate those using screen readers
  • Device-independent interaction with the site: use a mouse, keyboard, et cetera

Clarington Public Library welcomes suggestions to our collection and feedback. Should you wish to speak with a staff member, please telephone 905-623-7322 x2712.